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Which Summer Beverage Are You  quiz. It s steamy hot outside    time for a cool  refreshing glass of you  Which summer beverage tastes just like your personality  Take this quiz to find out  Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Which Summer Beverage Are You?
It's steamy hot outside -- time for a cool, refreshing glass of you. Which summer beverage tastes just like your personality? Take this quiz to find out.

1. Even when it`s too hot to move, some things make you want to RUN. Pick one:
Realizing I`m almost late for work
A sprinkler. Let`s run through!
Seeing the finish line
Seeing a crush jog by. Maybe we can run together
When the elevator doors start to close. I refuse to wait
2. How do you feel about straws?
They suck. Psych, they do the job
They`re good for beverage sharing
I like the "silly straw" kind with zigzags and loops
I like the bendy kind
They slow me down. I`d rather just drink
3. If you were in a swimming pool right now, you`d:
Do a handstand
Swim a few laps
Float around on something inflatable
Try a pirouette. Dancing under water is hard.
4. Choose something that gives you chills:
Standing at the top of a waterslide with an unbelievably steep drop
Seeing someone (who deserves it) getting told off
Meeting someone I instinctively don`t trust
Watching an expert performer/athlete in action
That upside-down rush of excitement when a rollercoaster loops
5. Bubbles: friend or foe?
Friend, especially if I want to burp like a pro
Friend. Bubbles are pretty
I`m neutral on bubbles
Foe. Bubbly beverages are hard to drink fast
Foe. Bubbles are too... bubbly
6. Will you rate and comment?(No effect on quiz)
No :(

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