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Which summer activity are you?
my first quiz!! Hope you like it!

1. If you fall in love (or have a fling) this summer, it`ll probably be with someone:
High-energy. I want to make every second count this summer.
Who doesn`t mind getting dirty
Who possesses lots of random, but highly entertaining skills like palm reading
Who cheers me on, even when I totally screw up
2. Summer won`t be complete until you have this to show for it:
Natural highlights
Tan lines on my shoulders
A shiny gold trophy
A photos page that makes me sigh with nostalgia
3. Summer isn`t all sunshine and flowers -- it`s also sunburn and bee stings. Pick the summer annoyance that bothers you the LEAST:
Grass-stained jeans
Water so cold it makes my knees shake
A slippery clump of seaweed clinging to my ankle
The way hot sand feels on bare feet
4. Choose something to light your way on a dark summer night:
A flashlight
A full moon
An unfamiliar city in the distance
The glowy blue lights of an in-ground pool
5. Will you rate and comment?(No effect on quiz)
No :(

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