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Are you suited to be famous?
This is from an expert (me)

1. You are given the scripts for a movie. You play Juli, but you accidently say Melody`s part. How do you react?
"I suck! I can`t do anything right!"
laught it off. It was`nt a big deal
ask to switch parts
quit and have someone else play Juli
2. You found a whole group that hates you. What do you do?
Hunt them down and make their lives missereable
Tell them to shut up
ignore it. Most if not all famous people have at least one group of haters.
make a song which means you are going to kill your haters.
3. How do you react to big crowds?
I am OK with them. They do get annoying sometimes though
Hate them.
off with their heads!
I run away from them
4. One of your friends are haveing trouble with their part. What do you do?
Nothing. Their problem, not mine
I help them as much as I can without having me mess up
Laugh at them and say they suck
Tell them that they shouldn`t have gotten the part.
5. You and your best friend plays enemys. How does effect your friendship in real life?
It doesn`t at all. We are still friends like we were before the movie. It may have increased.
We are not friends anymore. We are enemys like on the movie
We stop being friends, but we are not enemys
We get into a huge fight and never see eachother again
6. You see Johnny Depp working on his script. What do you do?
Greet him and try to make friends.
Scream, "Oh my gosh! It`s Johnny Depp!!!"
gag and wish you can quit
shoot him
7. Sorry this was short. There are paparazii all around you. What do you do?
destroy their cameras and do what you were going to do
cause at them and fight them
ignore them. Maybe smile and wave.

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