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The Stupid Test 3
I promised it. Here it is!

1. What`s an example of a good dinner?
Roast beef, chicken broth and celery.
Burger, fries and a shake.
Grass, roots and a plank of wood.
Rat tails, plastic and raw sewage.
2. Red is the color of...
Your kitten when she`s mad.
Bunnies, spiderwebs and an 8 -inch buttcheek.
3. One of Linkin Park`s songs?
Bleed It Out
One Step Closer
Banana Phone
Boom! Bam! Bunnies!
4. What is the most common place to use the bathroom?
Well, duh. The bathroom!
A porta-potty. Dare you to go in there without passing out.
On the side of 7 Eleven.
The shiny floors in King Kullen.
5. School is for...
Immature adults
When I say Hillshire you say farm!

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Created on:7/22/2009 6:36:29 PM
Made by:Gibbus43

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