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The Stupid Test 2
Numeros dos. Enjoy, compadres.

1. What color is broccoli?
Scratch my back and I`ll give you candy.
2. I have candy!
What kind?
Oh my God give me some!
Those meddling kids!
3. Are the Care Bears really a group of psycho murderers?
No! They`re so cute!
Depends if Grumpy has a chocolate bar.
Yes! They work for Leatherface!
Here`s my Care Bear. I named her Bloodbath.
4. I like pink flowers and puppy dogs.
Too peaceful.
Uhh... breezes?
I also like children and... Oh no! Adam Lambert just passed out?
Roses are blue. Violets are red. The tooth fairy has a secret toilet.
5. O.K., The Stupid Test 3 is coming soon!
Like I care?
Don`t go! I`m gonna poot if you go!
Wait! I have cookies!

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Times Taken:2,313
Created on:6/30/2009 6:29:15 PM
Made by:Gibbus43

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