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Are you stupid?
Are YOU stupid?

1. Alright, here`s the easiest question, what is your name? (remember this is not a yes or no question)
Wait a minute....
2. Do you think pi is delicious? (It can be any kind)
Since when have you been able to eat.......nevermind
3. What level of difficulty do you think this test is so far?
Easy as pi
Hard as heck
4. Have I said hi at this point? ("Hi" says me)
Does it matter?
5. If you are struggling, you can already tell that you are pretty dumb. Maybe if you keep trying you will fare better.
Fare? Doesn`t that have something to do with a plane?
How am I supposed to answer this it isn`t even a question!?!?!?
6. The world will end in five days, you are the only on that knows. What will you do with your life in those five days that the world has left?
Share the information, you cannot be the only one that knows about this.....
Break all the rules, have a party, get drunk, and make everything you want to happen, happen.
Just use that fare thing or whatever it is from the last question. Basically IDK.
7. The world has ended, but you and a few others have been transfered to a parallel dimension. But you are all enemies. What do you do?
Work together, you must if you wHat to survive. Others must be in otheer dimensions.
What the heck is a dimension?
This stuff is confusing....I kind of get it though...
8. All Done!!!
Awwww :-(
9. Kidding, did I fool you?
10. This quiz is hard, isn`t it?
I`m getting bored....
11. You drop dead.
How is that possible?!?!?
It was that fare thingy, wasn`t it?
12. Did you like the quiz?
It was okay
It wasn`t that great....
It was actually pretty good....
How did I die!?!?!?

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Times Taken:5,337
Created on:1/19/2012 7:25:17 PM
Made by:Miglifgantor

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