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How stupid are you?
Test how dumb you are.

1. You`re sitting in math class. You teacher asks a question. You are...
The first one to raise your hand
Slouched in your seat so the teacher doesn`t see you
Sitting in your chair and waiting for the tacher to call you
2. Your friend tells a joke. You...
Laugh loudly...understanding it
Sit there thinking for a few minutes
Fake laugh with the crowd
3. Your teacher is explaining a project. You...
Ask questions immediately
You think you understand, but not quite sure
You don`t care and fail
Finish the next day
4. You get your report card you have...
All A`s
A`s and B`s
All B`s
C `s and under
5. You have a new remote-control airplane. Putting it together you....
Don`t use the instructions at all and finish correctly
Don`t look at the instructions and break it.
6. You get a new cell phone.
You use up all of the minuted in one day.
After two days, you break it.
You decide to conserve minutes and battery life.
Use up all of the minutes and use even more.
You drop it in a bowl of soup to see if it will float.

About This Quiz
Times Taken:2,233
Created on:4/5/2007 10:12:11 PM
Made by:3gateway13

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