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Are you strong  quiz. For all genders  but I guess it s aimed more at guys  I do not own any of the pictures  Please enjoy my quiz   Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Are you strong?
For all genders, but I guess it's aimed more at guys. I do not own any of the pictures. Please enjoy my quiz :)

1. How much can you lift?
1-5 pounds
6-15 pounds
16-25 pounds
Over 30 pounds
2. If you had to carry a small girl (no heavier than 70 pounds) from your house to her house (let`s say she lives across the street), how would you do?
I might drop her :`(
I would have to stop a few times and slow down, but I would get her there without dropping her.
I would carry her across no big deal
3. How fast can you run without stopping?
1-7 mph
8-14 mph
Over 15 mph
4. Can you do a proper pushup? (back perfectly straight, butt isn`t in the air)
I can do 1 or 2
Yes , very easily
5. Are you several pounds overweight?
No , healthy weight ( 100 pounds for 5 feet tall, add 5 pounds for every inch)
No, slightly underweight (just by 5 pounds or less)
6. Could you beat someone up?
Not very well

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Created on:6/14/2016 8:04:34 PM
Made by:emoartist

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