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How true is your love?
Think about someone you love. Then see how strong your love is for them.

1. When you`re in a relationship, you say "I love you"....
..When I`m absolutly sure I am.
...Right away. It`s in my profile and everything!
...After a year or so.
2. What if you found them kissing another boy/girl?
I would be heart broken. I would break up with them - even though it`ll take forever to recover.
I would break up with them and call all of my friends. And eat a lot of icecream.
I would forgive them. We`re only human.
3. Best definition for "Love":
When you care for someone no matter what.
A strong attraction to someone else.
When you can`t live without them.
4. When I see him/her:
My heart aches because it`s so full of love.
My heart beats really fast.
I get a wave of (good) nerves through my body.
5. Do you have a song dedicated to them?
Yes, And I`d play it forever if I could.
Yes - but I`d never tell them that.
No. There`s no words.
6. When he/she leaves...
I cry...
I call my friends and tell them how it went...
I listen to the song I dedicated to them over and over.
7. Do you wish they were there right now?
I wish I could have them every second of the day.
No - I look like a total mess!
He/She is here.

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Created on:7/4/2008 8:37:50 PM
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