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What Street-Fighter character are you?... 10 outcomes!!!
The title says it all :) (e)

1. Male or Female?
I may be male from outside,but my inner soul is neither one of these.
2. Hair color?
Brown or Black
I`m pretty old,so my hair is white already.
3. Good or evil?
4. Your fighting tactics?
Try to strike first,leaving my opponent groggy and K.O. them then.
Lots of critical and counter attacks.
Fight with calmness and predict youre enemies moves and strike cautiostly.
Use my flexibility and quick attacks to stun my opponent,dodge his attacks and K.O. him/her later.
Embrace with silence and strike weakest enemies spots.
Use all your power and rage on that foolish weakling!!!
Use my mental powers to blow my opponents away!
5. You won a fight against your opponent,what will be your words to him?
That`s it?!?!Your weakness disgusts me!!!
You are proper for combat,but not for victory!
The fire of my fist is not so easy to be taken out!
Everything that has been put in an effort of fighting deserves to be completed!
Let`s get over with this!
Pain is an ilussion of mind,and I don`t mind your pain.
How it feels to be your face drilled by my fist?!
A wise one embraces with silence,a fool can be heard from miles.
I`ts pretty normal that a fighter like ME is such a champion.
You should be happy....I have a work for you....AS MY PAWN!!!!!!!!
6. Pick a caption about yourself.
Master of fighting.
A risk-taker.
Merciless demon!
Muscle and skill.
A sexy good-maker.
Yoga and peace are my weapons.
Muay-Thai kicks your ass.
Silent killing machine.
Strongest of them all.
Dominator of the universe!!!
7. Your clothes?
Well...I don`t have much.
Aaargnh!!Prepare to be slaughtered,foolish weakling!!!!
Nothing much but a bit of everything...Tee-hee.
A real man`s outfit-a simple trainer T-shirt,camo-pants and a tatto.
Something that fits me well and doesn`t limit my flexibility.
A fragment colour,ripped boxers and a couple of skulls tied over my neck.
Boxers,bandages on my legs and arms....and an eyepatch...
A clever,sturdy outfit,like a man`s kimono.
A sumo wrestlers outfit,plus a cool kibuki face-paint.
A long cape,an enforcers hat with a creepy medal on it...You know,something like a mighty ruler.
8. Your discipline?(fighting style)
Shotokan Karate
Special forces,brawling.
Sumo wrestling
Supreme Mental powers
9. Your smartness?
I`m enough smart for fighting and counter-attacking!
I`m wise and silent,till the moment I strike.
I am a smart and diplomatic fighter who never would hurt anyone for a no reason.
Enough strong mentally and morraly to rule the world!
10. Okay won`t tease you for too long...last question.

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