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The Story of Your Death
Excited? Warning: Deaths might be depressing.

1. So how do you want to die?
Old age (me: duh)
Suicide! (me: ummm... back away slooowly)
Murder (me: really?)
Taking dares! (me: well...)
I want to die bravely! (me: I guess...)
2. How do your friends describe you?
Nice and happy!
Emo and grim
Responsible and smart
Yolo and risky
Brave and strong
3. What`s your favorite color?
Light pink, purple, or blue
Dark red, black, or gray
Navy blue, forest green, dark purple
hot pink, neon green, neon blue
Bright red, Intense Blue, white
4. Are you ready for depressing deaths? If you`re not, say so! I don`t want to scare you!
I`m ready!
Can I get something not as depressing?
I DONT WANT DEATH (me: then you should probably not take this quiz...)
5. What`s a virtue that is very important to you?
6. Your catchphrase:
Love makes the world go round.
Cut my wrists and hope to die
Be loyal
You Only Live Once!
Sometimes sacrifice is necessary
7. Rate and comment what you got!
ok, sure!
8. And I`m sorry if the results are scary or depressing.
it`s okay in advance
i hate u

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Created on:4/28/2014 5:57:32 PM
Made by:TruLove14

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