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What kind of stick figure are you?
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1. What would you do if a crazy human-eating beardless monster showed up near you and began eating your neighbors?
Poke it with a stick.
Show the monster something so completely incomprehensible that it suddenly spontaneously explodes.
Throw a rubber ball at it.
Ask it a question.
Tell it to grow a beard.
Join it and begin consuming humans with the monster.
Eat the monster.
Slowly walk up to it and light it on fire with a lighter.
Walk into your house and completely ignore the entire situation.
2. You are generously given human flesh by your best friend, what do you do?
Poke it with a stick.
Eat it.
Give it to a child and tell that child that it is bacon.
Fight over it with yourself.
Roll it up into a ball and then eat it.
Break the universe and cause the human flesh to grow a face so that you could have a new friend.
Put it on a leash and walk it home.
Put googly eyes on it and then put the piece of flesh on your neck.
Give it a beard.
Burn the moronic friend that gave you that, what the hell is wrong with that person?
3. You are at an accessory store and there is a sale on hats, what do you do?
Buy a cool looking hat.
Buy three hats.
Buy an upside down hat.
Eat everyone in the store.
Buy a pink baseball cap.
Light the store on fire.
Buy a knitted beanie with a crochet beard knitted onto it.
Buy something other than a hat.
Steal a hat that fits you.
Prank the workers in the store.
Buy a beard accessory.
4. It`s 8:54 AM, someone asks you what time it is, how do you respond?
"8:54 AM.".
"8:54 PM.".
"How the hell should I know?".
I would stay silent.
"What time is it?".
I`d kill the person.
What is time?
5. What`s something that you`re more likely to throw away?
Scrap of paper.
Piece of plastic.
Human baby.
Blue square.
I wouldn`t throw many things away--- but I`d give a burial to a broken stick if that counts.
A razor.
A bucket of water.
A sphere.
--- Hold up, I wouldn`t throw anything away!
A garage sale poster.
I don`t know.
6. What`s your favourite animal out of this small list?
The mantis shrimp.
The chameleon.
The electric eel.
(uh, what`s an animal?)
Some kind of lizard.
A snail.
A dog.
A cat.
A piece of human flesh with a face on it.
7. If you had eyes, what color (on this list) would you had liked them to have been?
I have eyes-- they`re completely black.
I have eyes already, what the hell?
If I had eyes, they would be made out of pizza.
I don`t know.
8. You`ve been kidnapped. You wake up a few hours later and you are now about to be made into a gladiator, you`re forced into a ring with an opponent you must fight and you only have nine weapons to choose from, what weapon do you choose?
A sword.
A flail.
A bow. (no arrows)
A spiked shield.
An axe.
A sickle.
A sewing needle.
A piece of thread.
A bucket of gasoline.
9. Okay, this would be the last question.--- What is your favourite color from this list?
White, gray, or black.
Pink, purple, or violet.
Teal, blue, or green.
Yellow, beige, or brown.
Red, salmon, or orange.
I like all colors. (or just all of the colors on this list)
I don`t like any colors. (or any of the colors on this list)

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Created on:5/2/2016 10:33:55 AM
Made by:ZachNotWeeb

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