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Star wars
How well do u no star wars

1. In star wars #1, Darth maul is a what?
a gun man
a sith with a 2 sided lightsaber
a jedi
the gungan
2. In star wars #2, what`s the name of the new droids
battle droids
Sharpshooter droids
super battle droids
3. In star wars #3, what happens to anakin
he dies
he becomes a chicken
he turns to the dark side
4. In star wars #4, who`s the one obi-wan helps to become a jedi
luke skywalker
anakin skywalker
Mace windu
The chanceler
5. in star wars #5, who does darth vader try to turn to the dark side
Mace wince
kiado mundi
Luke skywalker
6. In star wars #6, who is darth vader
Luke skywalker
mace windu
Anikin skywalker

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Created on:7/23/2009 1:12:30 AM
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