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What Star Wars character are you?
Evil, good, find out now in this quiz! (e)

1. What activity do you enjoy most?
Drinking tea with the ladies!
Ploting to take over the world!!!
Eating cheese.
Killing younglings!
Speaking backwards!
Not much, your Pregnant.
2. A girl Scout knocks on your door, selling cookies, you:
Invite her to tea.......
Read her mind, and find she`s a spy, working for the darkside!
Buy a box of cookies, she`s so adorable!
Slam the door on her, you hate cookies...
*beep* *beep*
3. You fall off the side of a cliff, you:
are glad you packed a parachute!
Curse the cliff, and all its desendents!
Use your retro-rockets to fly to saftey!
Resite quotes from your favorite British soap opera!
Yell, "Ahhhggg."
4. You finnaly arrive at Disneyland but the lines are so long, you:
Invite the lady in front of you to tea!
Destroy every man, woman, and child...you must have Its a Small World!
Wait patiently, there`s nothing you can do.
Bore everyone to death about your trips to Yavin 4.
Entertain everyone with a song!
5. A man in a dark cloak approches you, and askes you to join the dark side:
I AM the Dark Side!
Only if there is tea!
Only if it will save Padame!!!!!!!!!
Never! *hits man with purse*
*farts* Ha! Never! *man passes out*
6. You don`t get what you want for christmas,you:
Complain untill someone gets you what you want!
Be thankful for what you have.
*Sob uncontrollably*
Shock everyone in sight, you wanted that Limited Edition Barbie Doll!!!!!
Step on it....
drink some tea......:)

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