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Which Star Trek character Are You most Like  quiz. Find out which Star Trek character you re most like  Just to be added  this is original series Star Trek Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Which Star Trek character Are You most Like?
Find out which Star Trek character you're most like. Just to be added, this is original series Star Trek.

1. Disaster all over the bridge thanks to a breach of treaty from the Romulans, what are you doing?
Giving orders
Analyzing damage
Aiding the hurt
Sitting and waiting for orders
Getting hurt
2. You`re on an uncharted planet. What are doing as part of the landing party?
Watching the tricorder readings
Standing ready and watching for any vicious animals or other problems
Taking samples of plants and ground
Standing and looking for things to do
3. How do you usually speak?
Straightforward and brutally honest
"Yes, sir. No, sir"
I use words efficient enough to communicate, plus continuous descriptions when deemed necessary.
I`ve got a nice, homely accent.
4. Favorite subject in school?
I don`t like any school
Does lunch count?
I like(d) school mostly because of the people there
I loved/was good at all or almost all the school subjects
5. Favorite game?
Any kind of sport
6. What makes people mad at you?
Too logical, and no feeling
I`m too friendly to make anyone angry
I`ve never done anything to anger someone
I once snuck an ugly space rodent into my room mate`s boot...
7. You`ve been placed temporarily in command, your thought?
Doing my duty
This seat feels leathery...
*Too tense and excited to think anything*
8. While in command a Klingon ship shows up in Federation space, what do you do?
"Fire torpedoes!"
Have communications hail them
Have shields turned on
Wait and see what they do first
9. You`ve heard this many times--what`s your favorite color?
Anything, don`t care
10. What aspect of the ship is the most important?
The ship
The people in the ship
Order in the ship
The missions the ship and crew must complete
Not one is more important, all are needed
11. You came to Starfleet for what?
A job
The ship
The glory! Haha!
12. You`re granted shore leave. Where are you going?
Someplace with people and a pub
A resort on a starbase
A lush green planet, trees and plants everywhere
Vulcan or bust
Shore leave? Why?
13. You`re stranded on an uncharted planet. What are you doing?
Searching for food or helping anyone injured
Helping to fix the shuttlecraft
Watching everyone work
Watching for danger
14. Which of these is the most inspirational to you?
Maintaining a life
Looking into the starry sky
Watching gears click and move
Discovering an organism which doesn`t match the definition of life, but is life nonetheless
Having a real cup of coffee with cream
People smiling
15. Lastly, which of these troublemakers did you LIKE the most? Be honest.
The Klingons
The Romulans
Harry Mudd
None of these guys!

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