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What star constellation are you?
Find out what star constellation you are. (e)

1. Are you a fun-loving person?
Quite certainly yes, if you mean the hanging out kind of fun.
No, I live to serve and serve to live.
Yes, I am just a somebody who wants to play all day.
No, I am always to depressed.
2. What do you want out of life?
I want to make lots of friends.
I would like to find the love of my life.
I would like to be honored with pride.
I would like to earn lots of knowledge.
I would just like to get my life over with.
3. What would you do in this situation: You see a little kid being bullied by a tall and bigger kid. The little kid is crying in pain.
I would go get an adult for assistance.
I would ignore it, HEY! it`s not my problem.
I would go over there and talk sense into the bully.
I would yell STOP! then walk away.
4. What would you do in this situation: Your at a party and one of your best friends is really drunk.
I would drive my friend home, hoping he/she won`t do something stupid.
Make my friend give me their car keys so they can`t drive home.
I would ignore them.
I would ask the owner of the house if my friend could crash for he night until their better.
5. What would ou do in this situation: Your on the bus home from school/work and the bus driver keeps yelling at you to to stop talking and then keeps trying to push you back into the seat when your yelling at her to, " stop touching me!"
Sit back quietly in my seat.
Start fighting back.
Call the police.
Go out the emergency exit.
6. What is your favorite color?
7. Would you say that you are smart?
Yes, I get straight A`s.
No, I am failing.
Yes, I have a master`s degree.
No, I work at McDonalds.
8. What would you do in this situation: You are bankrupt and need cash fast, someone tells you if you get them drugs, they will pay you big bucks.
I would get the guy the drugs hoping i don`t get caught.
I would ask for the cash upfront then never speak to the guy again.
I would simply ignore him knowing that I need to get money my own way.
9. What gender are you?
10. Lastly, Do you enjoy life?
quite simply, yes, I do very much.
No, I am alone in this big dark world of cruel people.
Yes, I have all I could ever ask for.
No, I am bad at life.

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