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.How Spiritual are You?
Very, Not so much, or Not. At. All!!!

1. What do you daydream about?
Being with the one I love!
My happy place.
Being surrounded by candles...
I do not daydream.
2. Your paradise is...
A place with a waterfall and peace. Somewhere I can Think.
Underneath a cloudless sky, on soft grass with everyone I love.
I don`t have one...
Paradise!!!??? What am I!? A sissy!?
3. When you see an ant you:
Don`t care...
Are verryyy careful not to step on it.
Step on it.
An ant? They live on the ground, right?
4. Do you know what your Birthstone is?
Does it matter?
5. Do you know your astroligical sign?
I haven`t had the time to find out!
Oh, of course!
Uhm... the one that... you know... the cool one...
No.. this is stupid.
6. What has been/will be the best about this quiz?
The End!
Well... all of it!
Finding the answer!
Words do not describe...
7. Are you excited for the answer?
Yes, that`s why I took the test!
No, not really...

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Times Taken:2,499
Created on:6/11/2009 8:41:14 PM
Made by:Yazaminx-x

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