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What kind of spirit do you have?
Sensitive, burning, cheerful or misunderstood?

1. When you feel offended, what is your usual reaction?
The evil eye, maybe a few curses to get the other person offended as well.
Ignore it. Not like he/she means it that much, anyway.
Shove the other person and curse them out. I hate offenders.
Say something back, like a diss that has to do with the same subject the offender mentioned.
2. Who do you go to for personal issues?
A teacher in school or someone similar, since they are very understanding.
Take the story home and talk about it with my family.
I don`t go to anyone. I think it over.
My friends. I like hearing their opinions of what I should do.
3. I know this question is annoying, but what`s your favorite color?
Dark colors
Bright colors
4. How many friends do you have?
5. Ever had homicidal or suicidal thoughts?
Yes. My life isn`t so great.
Maybe once or twice.
No, never. Why would I want to kill myself?
6. What type of music do you listen to on a regular basis?
Anything, honestly!
7. Someone is mugging an old woman on the sidewalk! What do you do?
Call the cops! I`m not messing with an armed thug!
Strangle him. It`s not like he has a chance.
Run away! What if I`m next?
Watch in fright. I just can`t help doing it.
8. Have you had any crushes lately?
Yes, on quite a few people.
Maybe, but I`d rather keep it to myself.
Nah, no one`s really my type lately.
9. What embarrasses you the most?
When people compliment my looks.
When I say something awkward and people stare at me.
A few things, but I`m usually the cause.
Nothing embarrasses me.
10. Which do you hate the most?
Spamming on websites
When people are mean to me for no reason
11. What do you love the most?
12. Which do you think has more power: fire or ice?
Fire- it burns you until your whole body feels like a log thrown in a fireplace.
Ice- it freezes you until you get hundreds of goosebumps and numbness.
13. Rate and comment?

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