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The spongebob quiz
Do u think u know everything about Spongebob . I bet u dont

1. Who is spongebobs best friend
Mr krabs
2. Where does spingebob work
Chum bucket
Grocery store
Krusty krab
3. Who is mr krabs
Owner of chum bucket
Boss of spongebob and owner of krusty krab
Not a carecter
4. This one and the rest r going to get tough now. Spongebob was not going to be originally on nick. What channel was he sopossed to be on?
Cartoon network
Adult swim
5. What does spongebob represent. If the show was on the channel it was sopossed to be on
A condom
A tampon
A spoon
A knife
A pile of vomit
6. Just for fun. In almost every episode what phrase is said.
"I`m ready I`m ready"
"ahh my leg!!"
"my money"

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Created on:8/21/2012 3:26:34 AM
Made by:Bigdogrules

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