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Are you special?
feel free to take it (e)

1. does your family love you
well yeah
kind of but they still love me
no...they hate me
2. how many friends do you have
alot...i can`t count them
not much...about half of what the popularity has
no...just few
3. do you love yourself
well yeah
50 %
just a little
i don`t know
4. do you copy anybody
not much...unless they`re really cool and interesting
no...i hate to copy
i don`t know
5. do you get invited to hangouts and parties
i go to almost everyone of them
i go to about half of them
6. does anybody compliment about you
not much
7. do you like this test (outcome won`t effect)
it`s ok
i don`t know

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Times Taken:14,609
Created on:12/27/2007 12:45:03 AM
Made by:babyonline

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