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What type of Spartan are you?
Just like Halo 3(e)

1. You see a Horde of Grunts What do you do?
Kill all of them with a Pistol
Hey the Marines can do it right?
Go and Melee the Pig looking bastards
Throw some damn Grenades
2. On Patrol you see 4 Hunters about to assualt a Marine Command Post, What do you do?
Warn the Marines and Sit back
Warn the Marines and Get ready for alot of Exploding
Take them Head on with out the Marines!
Try to Confuse them with really hard but annoying questions
3. As your ship is going down, you see an opportunity to save the Marines and you as while...
Take the Opportunity and push the lever..
Just Brace yourself
Get to the very back and try to bust the door down!
Just sit there and Cry, then shoot yourself
4. As you run from the downed ship, you can see in the distance a couple refinerys What do you do?
Yell for the Marines to check one Refinery while you check the other. But you have to be quick
Run away from there knowing there might be Covenant!
Approach Ready for Anything
Just sit and wait, Nothing better then a Stake Out :D
5. It is near the ending of the War and you are about to be sent home when 200 Brutes attack your command post and you are in the pelican already what do you do?
Stay and Jump in the Middle of all of them!
Get as many rockets as possible BOOM!!!
Distract them with your Flamethrower
Just Leave

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Created on:2/7/2008 12:47:47 PM
Made by:Shamshok

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