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What type of spartan are you?
What type of spartan warrior are you? take this quiz too find out.

1. You are being attacked by an enemy Sniper/Archer, what do you do?
Block the arrow with your sheild then advance slowly
Snipe/fire at them before they got a chance to
Sneak up behind them and kill them
Flank them
2. You are being attacked and you have onley 300 men and you have a choice to defend, where would you defend?
At the Red Pass. It has a narrow corridor to attack without them being able to flank us easly.
I would defend at a mountin so I can snipe/shoot them
I dont defend, I attack becouse I AM A SPARTAAAAAAAAN!
Defend at my city/ship to kill them with my ULTIMATE ARMY.HAHAHAHAHA
3. If you could choose your ultimate enemy, who would it be
The Persians
The Flood
The Covonent
4. Most of your men have been slaughtered. What do you do
Make a last stand ank kill every one I can take with me
Run away to my ship/kingdom and reinforce to attack again
Bow dow and serve the enemy

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Created on:5/28/2009 3:40:52 PM
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