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Soul Reaper or Quincy?
You fight hollows, but how do you do it?

1. Are you good with your hands?
Excellent with my hands! I love to sew!
Eh, I`m pretty good I guess,
Kinda, I don`t sew or anything though,
Good with my hands? Stupid question!
No, not really, I`m pretty clumsy,
2. Does your weapon have a name?
Yeah! Absolutly!
You guys name your swords?
No, not untill you get to the ultimate release,
3. Your fashion choice?
A bright wite and blue outfit! With a cape!
A dark black Shihaksho! Capes are stupid!
I don`t care!
4. Why do you fight?
To protect my honor!
To protect the ones I love!
To protect both!
5. Ok, so, do you show mercy in batte?
Yes, as long as they don`t get in my way again, there`s no reason to kill them,
No! Mercy is bad!
Eh, depends on if I have time
6. Kinda personal, but, how do you lose you powers?
Through Soul Chain and Soul Sleep,
If I over use them they will drain out,
No comment!
7. Can you regain your powers?
Well, I can because I haave my owne powers, not just Rukia`s
Well, only if I`m REALLY powerful!
8. If you can, how do you regain them?
Well, let`s put it this way, Uraharas dead next time I get a chance!
Through my father`s training, but I had to promise not to hang around with Soul Reapers
I can`t!
9. Does your weapon have a release call?
10. Finally, did you like my quize?
It`s over! *does a dance of glee*
Yes, it was interesting,
Can we have the results already?!

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Created on:5/20/2008 12:54:16 PM
Made by:Vampireasagi

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