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What Type of Sorority Should you Join  quiz. Are you girly  Preppy  Sporty  All American  Find out which  quot type quot  of sorority would fit you best  Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What Type of Sorority Should you Join?
Are you girly? Preppy? Sporty? All-American? Find out which "type" of sorority would fit you best.

1. How would you describe your personal style
A polo shirt with some flats
Wedges/heels with everything
A cute summer dress
bright colors or straight black
T shirt and jeans every day
2. What is your typical weekend activity?
Tennis practice followed by shopping
House party at my house!
Hanging out by the pool with friends
Concert/Art Show
Something extreme like biking, snowboarding, or kayaking
3. When you were little you wanted to grow up to be..
The President/ First Lady
A movie star
A Mom
A musician
An Artist
4. What Activities Interested you the Most in High School?
Planning dances/events
The parties/ social gatherings
Going to Football games/ school events
Hiking and then herbal refreshments afterwards
Painting/singing/writing/ being creative
5. What is your idea of the perfect date?
A fancy dinner
A night at a bar/club
BBQ and Beers at a guys house
A day at the beach
An art show/concert
6. You would describe your closest friends as...
very proper and well groomed
Sexy and Crazy
Girls who can just be one of the guys
Open minded and free
Very artistic and full of ideas
7. When thinking about rushing, your first thought that comes to mind is:
YAY RUSH! I`m already a legacy to a certain house so it shouldn`t be a problem!
Booze and boys... sounds good to me
I can`t wait to make new friends and have fun.
Am I sure I want to rush? Is there cheering involved?
I am not rushing it will conflict with too many things I have going on...
8. Your Favorite Movie is...
Breakfast at Tiffany`s
The Big Lebowski
Any Foreign Film
Mean Girls
A league of their own

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