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Which Type Of Sorceress Are You  quiz. Hey guys  This quiz is actually a remake for another quiz i made on my older account  I ve given this quiz better questions and improved results  Guys are welcomed to take this quiz too  So hope you have fun and enjoy your results    Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Which Type Of Sorceress Are You?
Hey guys! This quiz is actually a remake for another quiz i made on my older account. I've given this quiz better questions and improved results. Guys are welcomed to take this quiz too. So hope you have fun and enjoy your results! :)

1. So, what made you choose to learn sorcery and become a sorceress like yourself?
My parents were sorcerers so i am just following in their footsteps
Got inspired by another sorcerer(ess) to become one
I want to have the powers to help others
I want to have the powers to fight or to defend myself
Learned magic just for the fun of it
I had always been drawn towards magic and sorcery since i was small
2. Any weapons?
A staff
A wand
A spell book
An enchanted sword
I don`t need any weapons/ My hands are my greatest weapons
3. Every sorceress has a favourite outfit! Describe the one you are wearing now.
It`s very elegant and detailed. A bit revealing though because i often feel hot.
A long flowing dress. My outfit mostly covers me up because i get cold easily.
An outfit with wild colours! With belts, scarves and feathers attached!
A long hooded robe. I don`t really like attention
Simple and practical. I like it minimalistic. I also have a pouch to keep potions.
An updated and modern looking outfit. Some people can`t tell that i`m a sorceress by my outfit.
4. Some sorcerers have an animal companion. What is yours?
A bright and blazing Phoenix
A wolf or snow fox
A reptilian animal to perch on my shoulder, like an iguana or snake.
A lion or leopard or any type of big cat.
Something gentle and pure. Like a unicorn.
Something that would strike fear into others. Like a demon or hellhound.
A dragon or griffin.
I love all animals so i would have several animal companions.
5. Where and how did a sorceress like yourself learnt magic?
Taught by my parents who were skilled with sorcery.
At a magic academy. I was one of the best students!
Self taught :)
Taught by another sorcerer. He/She was my teacher and mentor.
6. Role playing time! A passerby notices that you`re a sorceress. Out of curiosity, he asks whether you can demonstrate your magic.
You stick out your hand and create a fire ball.
You read his thoughts and tell him what he is thinking, causing him to freak out.
You decide to scare him by changing your appearance to look exactly like him.
Feeling annoyed by him, you grab his drink out from his hands and freeze it solid. Happy now?
You use your magic to grow plants and flowers around your feet, even though its on a cement pavement
"See that dead bird over there? I can bring it back to life." *smirks*
You make a spell book appear out from thin air.
Immediately after he asks, you use your magic to create a thunderstorm, scaring him a bit.
7. You come across another sorceress. You don`t know who she is or what her intentions are.
Hey look, another sorceress just like me! I`ll go up to her and greet her.
Raise your guard because she can`t be trusted.
She can`t be that bad, but you`ll still keep an eye on her.
Tell her to get out of your sight. If she refuses, you start a battle with her.
8. This time you come across a male sorcerer. Good looking too. ;)
Hellooo handsome! You go to him straight away and start flirting.
"Er..erm..h..hi.." *blush*
You decide to watch him from a distance.
So? To you he`s just another sorcerer. You greet him and get to know each other.
Battle him of course! I bet he`s up for a good challenge!
9. One day, you were given several missions but can only choose one. You choose to go..
To the volcanoes to search for a stolen treasure.
To the mountains to look for a missing person.
To spy on some smugglers and capture them.
To search for a dangerous wanted criminal who has recently been spotted at a small village.
For the mission where you are assigned to escort someone important and to protect him along the way.
On any mission which involves fighting and killing people.
To a small town to eliminate a monster that has been killing the people living there.
10. Time to begin your mission! What is your mode of transport?
On foot.
A big grand horse carriage :)
A big ship.
I can just teleport myself there with my magic! *poof*
11. You have just completed your mission! The townsfolk are very thankful for what you have done.
"Your welcome." *smiles*
"Ha ha! That was nothing, really. Just doing my job."
Demand or ask for a reward.
Well, they better be thankful. That mission almost got me killed!
Ignore them. Those pathetic mortals did not deserve my help.
12. Before going back, you decided to check out a popular town near by. What is the first thing you do when you`re there?
Find an inn or hotel. I`m exhausted!
Find a nice restaurant or cafe. I haven`t eaten for awhile.
Find a bar. I`m dying for a drink!
Visit the market place. There might be some nice bargains there.
Check out the shops
Visit a potion store. I think i saw some cool potions in there!
You find a nice place to seat and begin people watching while eating a snack you bought.
13. While walking around the town, a young boy runs past you. At a distance, you see a rich looking woman yelling that the boy had just stolen her precious heirloom necklace. What do you do?
Let the boy get away. He probably needs it more than her.
You quickly use a spell that causes him to trip and fall, forcing him to give the necklace back.
You use your magic to trap the boy and torture him to give the necklace back. That`ll teach him.
You Stop the boy. After returning the necklace, you feel sorry him and give him some money.
14. You decided that you had spent enough time in the town and decide to go back. What is the first thing you do when you`ve reached home.
Go to my bed. I miss my bed...
Take a nice loong bath.
Sit on my couch and read a good book.
Go to my pets. I miss them so much!
Invite some friends over. You miss their company.

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