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What Songbird Are You?
Ever wonder what songbird you are? Find out!

1. Where would you like to live?
Deep in the woods
Anywhere, I guess...
2. Do you like birds of prey?
Meh, I don`t really care about them.
I`ll fight one if it comes to it... But if I can avoid it I will.
Birds of prey? I hate those! They`re so PUSHY!
What`s a bird of prey?
3. What type of song do you like?
I like Classical. It`s really calming.
I like to listen to Country.
Fiddle or Bluegrass! It`s fun to listen to the instruments playing like that!
4. If traveling and time wasn`t an issue, how much would you visit your family?
Traveling and time not an issue? I`D VISIT EVERY DAY!
Every week, I suppose. It`s good to let them know about what`s going on.
My family is always with me. DUH
Family? What family?
5. Do you like children?
I love them! I`d do anything for them! <3
They`re okay... But when it comes to diaper changing I`m out.
Hate them. Just, hate them.
Well, I sort of like them. I can`t say I dislike them because I was a child once... Oh, memories..
6. What does a husband/wife to you?
Get kids then divorce. I don`t stick with one person. Or I just don`t get kids at all! Very simple.
Well, I`d stick with my mate forever.
I don`t hang around boys/girls.... at all.... But if I stumble upon one, Yippee!
7. Which one of these would you rather be?
Wood Thrush.
Blue Jay
Black-capped Chickadee

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