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The Socio-Sexual Hierarchy: Where You Do and Do Not Belong
Alpha. Beta. Delta. Gamma. Sigma. Omega. Which one are you? Based on the Vox Day Hierarchy.

1. You were invited to a party. A girl you really like is going. Did you arrive:
Before it even started
Right when it started
You showed up ten minutes late, but brought some snacks.
You showed up an hour late and didn`t bring anything
You forgot about it completely
Were not even asked
You showed up, were turned away, and left
You were invited but declined. Who is this person?
You skipped the party and had her over later
You showed up and shot everyone
2. Your high school prom is coming up. Did you/were you:
Ask the girl you like and she said yes
Ask the girl you like and she said maybe/no
Ask the girl you like and she said no/ignored you
Asked out months in advance by numerous girls before you even gave it a thought
Forget about it until the last minute and went somewhere else/brought a pretty girl anyway
Not bother going being prom`s are for losers
Ask more than one girl out and both said yes
Ask whoever you wanted and she said yes
Showed up alone since the prom really was lame
Wanted to but failed to ask the girl to the prom
3. You were driving along the side of the road. You saw a dog sniffing around for food. Did you:
Bring it home without consulting your wife
Bring it home after you asked your wife
Feel really bad when your wife tells you "No" so you keep driving
Forget about it
Swerve into it
Pick it up and tell your wife that you found and dog and are bringing it to the pound
Bring it home. Your wife loves it.
You love dogs. You keep driving an forget about it
You hate dogs
Pick it up and put an add in the paper
4. You were in the mall a week ago with a bunch of friends. Are you:
The leader
The leader`s best friend
The regular pal
The guy who was invited out of pity
The one not invited who spent time contemplating how to get them back for not inviting you
The one who hates malls, but was one of the first ones invited
The leader against your will
The follower who wishes he could be in the group
A terrorist. You blow up the mall
You split from the group and go to [obscure store] without saying anything
5. When you are out anywhere and women you know see you, do they:
Immediately run to you and hug you in a fit of enthusiasm
Hug you and chat with you for a bit
Wave and say "Hey" from a distance
Make eye contact with you then look away
Look repulsed with they see you
Hug you and start talking while you try to remember their name
You see her and say Hi first
Call you a drating bastard
You ask them if they want to hang out later
They instantly ask if you want to hang with them
6. You have a cell phone. The status is:
People text you all the time and are usually the first to do it
You text them first and they text you first equally
You`re usually the first one to text them
You text them more than once until they respond
People text you, but you`re usually doing something so you don`t respond until later
Nobody`s given you their number
You don`t have a cellphone
You text back late with few words
MIA with a dead battery
You text first, but she does most of the talking
7. A woman has just broken up with you. What do you do?
You already have girls lined up so it`s no big deal
You angst over it for some time, then move on
You don`t have a girlfriend. They hate you and you hate them
You try to work it out, but there`s already another girl you like/who likes you so it`s alright
Pine for her and cry because she was the "One". You still have everything she ever gave you
You broke up with her because it wasn`t working out
You haven`t been broken up with yet
You leave her for someone else you like
Wonder how you can break up something that was never together in the first place
You don`t care and go out with whoever interests you more
8. You spend most of your time:
At home, doing what you want
Out of the house, hanging with friends
Thinking longingly for a girl who doesn`t like you and probably never will
Thinking about revenge, death, and stewing in your anger at everything
With your girlfriend(s)
Doing what you want. Nobody knows how you spend your day
Going about your business, nothing more nothing less
Having sex with beautiful women
Wandering and going places with few people
9. A woman is being attacked in a fight initiated physically by her. Did you:
Rush to save her and get your ass kicked
Save her and walk away
Ignore them
Laugh as she gets what she deserves
Watch for a bit, then leave when you`re bored
Call the cops and leave
Shout at him to leave her alone
Throw a rock at them
Attempt to separate them, and fail
Pull a gun and say Who wants to see if its loaded
10. People have said this about your Game:
You have tight game
You have almost the best (next to an Alpha)
You have little game
You have anti-game
You have good game
They can`t understand why women respond to it
What`s Game?
I`m Casanova
Game is for losers who need help talking to women
Game is wrong
11. At work, your coworkers:
Look up to you
Know next to nothing about your private life
Avoid you because you`re annoying
(Female) want to sleep with you
Are cool with you
Hate your guts, but can`t resist you
Think you`re a bastard
You don`t have coworkers, they died when you poisoned the office water fountains
Can rely on you to do an alright job
You own the company. Your underlings fear and admire you
12. (Taken from Vox Popoli) When it comes to suicide, you have:
Threatened to kill yourself over a woman. But you stalked her instead.
Thought about killing yourself over a woman. But you wrote about how she made you feel instead.
Taken it seriously when a woman threatened to kill herself. She did not do it.
You have listened to a woman threatening to kill herself over your best friend. With some amusement.
A woman with whom you were involved threatened to kill you because you also had sex with her sister
A woman has asked you to kill her during sex. You thought it was hot.
Talked a woman out of it
Talked someone into it
Think people who commit suicide are cowards
Thought about killing yourself since life just isn`t worth it without her. She returned to you
13. You were at a rock concert. Were you:
In the middle of the mosh pit, laying people down
In the stands, singing along
Nervously watching from a distance, hoping no one finds something to fun of you about
Went to the concert, brought down a few drunks, listened some, found a girl and brought her home.
Up front and center. You later hang out with the band members at a bar
You didn`t bother going unless it was a grindcore show involving animal sacrifices and chants to Pan
Went, had a good time, met no one really, and left
Met multiple women, acquired several numbers, resulting in a lay in a few days
Were hanging out with new people for a time before the show. You enjoyed it immensely.
I hate crowds

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