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What social class r u?
take it 2 find out ur social status

1. how many friends do u hav?
2 many to count
alot and they teach me!
afew really good friends and alot of aquantinces
1 or 2
2. what do u do after school?
walk home and listen to screamo
stay after school 4 tutoring and to chat w/ teachers
hang out w/ a bunch of my friends
go to my baseball,soccer,football,basetball,softball,hockey, or volleyball practice.
go home and watch star wars
stay after class and finish my experiment in chemistery lab
study for the test w/ my friend
3. wat do u wear to school?
waste high pants, button u shirt, and greasted hair.
my star trek outfit ofcoase
watevers in at the time.
black everything
hollister or abrcrombie or forever 21 or abrocrombie and fitch
school approperate clothes
jeans with sweatshirt ofschool name
4. wat is ur fav color?
space blue
yellow and pink!
navy blue, white, pink, and dark green
watever the team color is
chemical green
5. wat r ur parents lik?
competitive, sports star in high school
i hav no parents
obsesive fans of space movies
lets me do watever i want
6. hav u ever had a bf/gf B4?
(sigh) no
only as a joke
y would i want 1
ya alot
2 or 3
no(puts black eyeliner on)
7. do u hav myspace or aim?
ya i am on ALL THE TIME!!
no i lik talking better
ya but no one evr talks to me
no i would rather do hw
no to bussy play`n sports!
ya i am on somtimes
no i barly talk to pplz at all
8. ok last question, do u lik cheese?
is it from space?
ya i guess
no cheese give me gas
no i need to only meat. MEAT!!!!!!!
no cheese is a carb.
is it black cheese?

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Created on:6/2/2008 3:18:43 PM
Made by:ocean93

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