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So, you wanna be a gangsta...
Find out if you're cut out for the gangst life, yo

1. Why do you love your mom so much?
I love her because she raised me up good as a single mother in the hood
I love her because she provided for us and she was a great mom
She`s my mom, I have to love her
2. How do you feel about bandanas?
They`re pretty sweet, I wear them occasionally
I have one in every color and wear them all the time, especially under my hat
I use them as a hanky
3. Speaking of hats, how do you wear your hat?
Cocked to the side sitting upon, not on, my head, the brim is straight
Cocked to the side, the brim is straight
Backwards or forwards, the brim is curved a little like hats should be
4. When you say you`re going to shoot someone, how would you say it?
Don`t make me bust this cap
Don`t make me shoot you
Don`t make me shoot that b!tch ass
5. Yay! It`s the weekend, what are your plans?
Do drive bys, get some hos, get crunk
Cruisin with your homies, getting some hot girls, getting drunk
Taking my woman out on a date, going back to her house, drinking a little
6. How would you say the word "everybody"?
7. How would you say the phrase "Your mother"?
Yo mama
Your mama
Your mom
8. So, you wanna be a rapper, where did you start off rapping?
Family BBQ`s, outings, in the shower, ect
On the street corner with your homies
On your front porch with your homies
9. A really pretty girl walks by, what do you do?
Start barking like a dog and say, Yo baby, come ova here and let me tap dat
Whistle and say, you lookin` mighty fine
Go up to her and say, heaven must be missing an angel
10. Last question....which of these rappers/r&b singers inspired you most?
Dr. Dre
Snoop Dog

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Created on:4/7/2007 12:36:34 PM
Made by:Carolynn

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