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What Skyrim race are you?
Take the quiz to find out

1. Which best describes you: Warrior, Mage or Thief?
Warrior: You prefer combat with weapons, using heavy armor, swords and shields.
Mage: You prefer the use of magic when it comes to combat.
Thief: You like to slip around unnoticed, relying on stealth and speed.
2. What climate/environment do you prefer?
Snowy Mountains
Rocky Mountains
Volcanic Wasteland
Swamps, Water
3. Which of these skills would you most prefer?
Illusion: The ability to manipulate the minds of others
Lockpicking: Being able to pick locks with ease
Archery: The skill of ranged combat with a bow and arrow
Conjuration: Being able to summon people and creatures
Destruction: Destructive magic used to harm others
Restoration: Magic which heals and protects
Sneak: The art of moving unseen and unheard
Two Handed: Being able to use two-handed weapons effectively
Heavy Armor: Being able to efficiently use Heavy Armor to protect yourself
One Handed: Being able to use one-handed weapons effectively
4. Would you most rather be: A Human, An Elf, Or a Humanoid?
Humanoid (Cross between Human and Animal, i.e Cat or Lizard)
5. Which Would you use in a fight?
Bow and Arrow
6. Strength or Speed?
7. Which Would you consider most useful: Health, Magicka or Stamina?
Health: Health is the amount of damage someone can take before dying
Magicka: Macigka is the energy used to cast spells and magic
Stamina: Stamina is physical energy used in strenuous activity i.e. Sprinting, Power attacking etc.

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