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Situation time! :D
A bunch of situations to test your personality. Good luck! :D

1. Ok, so, you are in a blank room. What is your immeidiate responce?
Look around and think "Man this room is boring!"
Glance around for exit routes.
Take off your shoe and beat the wall until it breaks!
Make a list of options, with a nap being #1.
Panic! First thought is: "OMG HOW DID I GET HERE!?!?"
Eat a pie (Wait... I said a blank room...?)
Walk out the door (Umm... still a blank room?)
2. You walk into a bathroom. Suddenly, a hand comes out of the toilet! What do you do?
Shriek and run away!!! D:
Take out your sword and lop off the offending appendage, yelling "GET OUT OF MY HOUSE, YOU DEMON!!!
Slam the lid on it and run!
Shake hands with it. (You wouldnt!... Would you? o.O)
Look at it and say "Well this is just wonderful."
3. Someone walks up to you and says "Oh, hi! I haven`t seen you in so long! How have you been?" What do you do?
Pretend you know exactly who they are.
Say "What? Oh... yeah..."
Say coldly: "I`ve never seen you before in my life." and walk away.
"Oh... um... yes, its good to see you too... I`ve gotta run, ok? Bye!" then scurry off.
Say "Oh, hi! Its been so long! Lets go catch up over a cup of coffee!"
Study them to see if you know them before smiling and making a distraction and running.
Smile weakly and go along with it.
4. What do you picture yourself as?
A brunette, with peirced ears, but no earrings.
A blonde, with plain ears (male) or diamond earrings (Female) and a baseball cap.
Peircings all over and a tounge stud.
A studded collar and black hair.
A blonde, with hoop earrings (Female) or one tiny earring (male)
Black hair, dark eyes and a punky hairdo.
A redhead or brunette, with green eyes and a makeup-free face.
A mild amount of makeup (Female) or none at all (Male) and dark brown hair.
Hazel eyes, black long hair and no makeup, ever.
5. You are reading your book at the beach and see a shark in the water. There are people in there! What do you do?
Chuckle and watch.
Quietly get up and tell the lifeguard.
Scream "SHARK!!!!!" and run towards the people, arms waving.
Jump up and down chanting "There`s a shark! There`s a shark! (Etc.)"
Scream and rush to help the people out.
Run towards the water, do a jumping dive in and beat up the offending marine creature.
Pull out the phone and call 911!
Rush in and create a barrier between the citizens and the shark so they can escape safely.
6. You walk into a pet shop and you immiediatly notice a animal in the cage in front of you. What type of animal is it?
A cute brown puppy with huge paws
A snake
A rottweiler that is almost fully grown.
A cute golden retreiver puppy with floppy ears.
A potbelly pig.
A terrier of some sort.
A roosteratoo labeled "Agressive"
A sweet, quiet puppy sitting calmly in the corner.
A well-rounded dog
A basset hound with sad, sad eyes.

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