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Sith Ranks
This will tell you what rank you most likely would be.

1. Which Lightsaber sounds the best
Classic blue lightsaber
Classic Red Lightsaber
Red Cross Guard Saber
Classic Green Lightsaber
2. You are fighting a Jedi knight and you win, but he is not dead yet. What would you do?
Kill him
Turn him to the Dark Side
Let him live
3. You are going to kill a Jedi. How would you do it?
Shock him with your Force lightning
Kill him with your lightsaber
Force Choke him
Don`t kill him at all
4. What would be your standing point
Pure Evil
Kind of in the middle
Really Good
5. Which sounds the best

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Created on:11/17/2020 1:50:01 PM
Made by:WildCat1368

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