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which simpsons character r u
r u a hellraiser or a fat lard

1. r u a boy or a girl
2. r u mean
not intentionally
only if mr. burns tells me to be mean
if they deserve it
3. what is your wieght
in the middle
im am the fattest one in my family
4. have u ever broken the law
5. what do you do after passing a test, do you
cheer and rub it in everyones face
keep quiet and then cheer at home
celebrate by kissing the closest person to you
have a party with some friends (they can be stuffed friends)
thank the teacher and tell them how much you studied for this test
slingshot the teacher for making you look smart
go home and get payed for the A you got
6. whats your favorite show or movie here?
the grinch that stole christmas
peoples court
animal planet
the muppets
the young and the restless
7. what restraunt would you rather eat at
pizza hut
the leaning tower of pancakes
the salad bowl
the veggie burger grill
dairy queen
chuckie cheeses
8. how much money would you rather have
a whad
as much as i need to pay the bills
i dont need any money u fool
a blank look is on your face
only a cagillion billion t-tillion ah huh?
about 300$ percisley
as much as im payed by my awsome boss
9. what would you be
a dolly size
a simple country maiden with a rich husband
a world class scientest
an awsome wrestler slash millionaire
a miniture person living in a big frosted donut (slober slober)
on a beach with my anonomous lovey dovey
a model for fur coats
10. are you good at making friends
yes i make friends with all the chefs in town
well if we share the some of same interests
there`s no time between studying and discovering
all my friends are in my wallet
meh if there cool, straight, and got a positive additude im fine
well there is some one i love
my mom and stuffed animals

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Created on:1/3/2009 5:39:37 PM
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