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Simplafied basic tipe of wizard are you   quiz. This will tell you if you take the path of a wizard what tipe you wold be best at Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Simplafied basic tipe of wizard are you?
This will tell you if you take the path of a wizard what tipe you wold be best at

1. The bigining of your life question: if you see that when you whare 2 your parents maed you Barney for halloween you:
Make it fair show your mom/dad`s frends thare embarising pics.
Tuff it out try an energy drink
In anger kill something
Just play with your pet
Take a nap
Bern yourself in rage
Drawn yourself
Storm off
2. Littel kid question: you get served your least favorat food as a todler you?...
Throw it in the sink
Destroy it
Eat it but put mud in thare food later
Throw in the fire
Give it to your pet
Plug your nose and eat it
3. ~10 year old question : if your parents say you are not allawd to play the "m" rated game you...
Wait that`s just life
Aww dudes get electrocuted to the point of mutalation in it to bad that wold be cool :-(
Wait but later play the same time you waited
Ask my only frend for advise
Sneack it some how what? You can Bern alive in that thing XD
Build up to it mabey start with a teen game
Kill 1000ands of ants in your back yard in anger
Put thare hands inbitwin 2 blacks of ice till thay say yes
4. Teen question: describe your self
Um... Idk
I am so hot
I have the longest water breathing record of all my frends
Emo I`m a teen duh!
5. Adolt question: my job is:
Fire fighter
Law dude
Solo job
Weather man
6. Dieing question: how wold you like to die
In flames!
In sacrifice to make frends stronger
Struck be lightning! Oh yaeh!
I want to live a good long life first
7. Will you rate or comment? (will not effect outcome)
*walks away*
@%£* off! Ok?! Me:how rude!

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Created on:3/8/2010 1:15:19 AM
Made by:quiz9002

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