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How silly are you?
='.'= Face with war paint :)

1. You`re at a party, and someone whips out a karaoke machine! You_____.
Grab your best friend and do a duet!
Go on up there alone and SING YOUR HEART OUT!
Watch from the crowd, cheering your friends on
2. You`re walking down stairs, and nobody`s watching. You____
Just walk down the stairs like a normal person
Butt scoot your way down
Jump the last step
3. You`re at school, microwaving your lunch. The timers almost at 0. You ____.
Just take out my lunch when the timers done...
Stop it when it gets to 0, and pretend it`s a bomb in my head.
Yell "HIT THE DECK" and stop it when it gets to zero.
4. Have you ever doodled on yourself a bit?
I don`t doodle on myself. I give myself tattoos.
5. Valentine`s chocolate is on sale! You____
Pick up a box of chocolates. Mmmmm!
Grab everything you can.
Walk past. It`s just chocolate.

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Created on:3/9/2016 3:43:19 PM
Made by:axelcat1000

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