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Are you shy  How shy  quiz. You probably already know the answer to whether you are shy or not  but this quiz will be fun to take anyway  Also  when the results come  I will not only tell you the answer  but I will also tell you some tips for your shyness situation Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Are you shy? How shy?
You probably already know the answer to whether you are shy or not, but this quiz will be fun to take anyway. Also, when the results come, I will not only tell you the answer, but I will also tell you some tips for your shyness situation.

1. BEEP BEEP!!!! Time to get up! You get ready and head out to the bus, but your backpack gets caught on a bush, which pulls you back and you land flat on your face! When you go to the bus, everyone`s laughing at you!
I`ll laugh with them. HAHA!! WHAT I CLUTZ I AM!!!!! :-D
Just chuckle a little. It was pretty funny, but I`ll get over it soon.
Fake a laugh, feel a little embarassed, and just keep walking... avoiding eye contact with anyone.
MY WORST NIGHTMARE. I`d feel like crying, cheeks turning red, sitting alone in my seat avoiding them
2. OK so your on the bus, and some kid that you barely know... only tallked to a little to borrow a pencil... comes up and says, "Hey, what`s up?" You...
Confidently reply, "Hello! What`s up? Well yesterday I...... (talking)...... What`s up with you?"
Comfortably reply, "Hi. Well... (says only a couple things). How bout you?"
Quietly reply, "Oh, umm, nothin," and look away, not knowing what to say next.
I don`t reply. I`m too scared. Oh, what should I say!?!?! Uh uh uh..... awww man she left!
3. After homeroom, it`s science class. Over the weekend you did a project on asteroids, and your teacher tells you to be the first one to present it.
Awesome! I present things easily and excitedly and enthusiasticly. I love being in the spotlight.
OK. Cool. Sounds... fine.
Awww... I hate presenting because... I just feel so... trapped! I don`t like being in the spotlight.
NO!!! TEACHER PLEASE DON`T MAKE ME!!!!!!!! I can`t present!
4. Then it`s math class. You know the answer to a hard problem that nobody else does. No one`s raising their hand. You...
Raise my hand, and say a funny witty answer.
Umm... raise my hand?
Hesitate for a moment, then raise my hand slowly.
Keep to yourself. The teacher will answer. You don`t wanna risk having to talk.
5. Now it`s lunch. The line is extremely long, and a group of kids much taller and tougher than you cuts in front of you. Then they start making fun of you! You...
... loudly tell them to get a life... maybe even start a scene!
... ask them to stop.
Stay quiet, roll your eyes, and try your best to act tough, although you are shaking inside.
Get really nervous and just step out of line.
6. Uh oh. You`re in social studies class and your only pencil snapped in half. The only people around you are popular, and the teacher doesn`t give out any pencils. What do you do?
Uh, I AM a popular kid. All of them are my best friends! I`ll ask them for a pencil.
Just tap one on the shoulder and simply ask them for one.
Hesitate, and look on the ground for one. Then just end up quietly asking for one.
Umm there is no chance I`m gonna talk to a popular kid. I`ll just... not... write...
7. Thank goodness... the day is FINALLY OVER!!!! So, before you comment and rate on this quiz, answer this last question: what`s your label?

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