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How shy are you  quiz. This is a quiz for shy people  that will determine your level and type of shyness  This is only a rough estimate  based in the questions I could think of Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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How shy are you?
This is a quiz for shy people, that will determine your level and type of shyness. This is only a rough estimate, based in the questions I could think of.

1. You`re at a family dinner with some relatives you hardly know. You would ________.
Just chat with them, but let the, dominate the conversation
Don`t talk a lot, but just nod your head when they ask you questions
Ask to use the washroom and hide there for the rest of the dinner.
Talk with them, but only when you need to.
2. For some reason, you and people you don`t know are playing the `Let`s all say something about ourselves` game. You would _________.
Hi... I`m Kate...
Hi, um, I`m Kate, uh....
Hi, uh, I`m Kate and I like food...
Hi I`m Kate. Uh, I like nachos.
3. How many people would you like at a party?
Maybe 15? I`m ok as long as I have somewhere to catch my breath.
10 people max. I like my space.
3 or 4 people
I don`t want a party. If I had to choose, just 1.
4. What would be the bravest thing you could do? (Out of the options below)
Preform a play
Give a speech
Meet a whole bunch of new people
Talk to someone
5. On a scale from 1-10, how hard is it to say no?
1-3. I can`t even bring myself to talk!
4-5. It`s pretty hard, especially if it may hurt someone`s feelings!
6-8. It depends, but I can if I need too.
9-10. I can almost say no with ease. Almost.

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Created on:2/13/2016 2:48:03 PM
Made by:axelcat1000

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