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Should you play Minecraft  quiz. This quiz determines if I recommend Minecraft for you   comment if you bought it due to this quiz  Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Should you play Minecraft?
This quiz determines if I recommend Minecraft for you. (comment if you bought it due to this quiz!)

1. Have you heard of Minecraft?
What`s that?
It`s a game about survival and building things!
I`ve heard about it...
Not really...
2. Do you have at least $30 to spend?
Yeah, I`m rich!
No, I try to save up.
Yeah, but not for games...
Yeah, I guess I could spend it on something...
3. What`s your favorite shape?
I don`t know/don`t care
4. Do you get bored easily?
Yeah, because I`m bored of this quiz already...
No, I could do things for long periods of time
It depends on the activity...
5. can you memorize things easily?
No, I`m very forgetful
Depends on how basic it is...
6. Do you like very customizeable games?
No, I like games the same every time I play!
Depends on what I can customize...
7. Do you like working hard?
Yeah, its very challenging!
No, I want everything handed to me!
Depends on what the job is...
8. Do you have plenty of room to download stuff?
Yeah, I could download anything!
No, my computer`s memory is full
Depends on how much...
9. Do you like playing alone or with others?
Depends on how the servers are and how easily it is to get to them...
10. Final question: Do you know what this thing is?
Dark beast!
Don`t know, I don`t play Minecraft

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Times Taken:6,172
Created on:7/23/2012 3:11:47 PM
Made by:laserboy524

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