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What should your nickname be??
It says it in the title

1. Whats your favorite hobby
dancing,acting or singing
making people laugh
doing wild dares in truth or dare
2. Whats your fave movie out of these
wild child
happy gilmore
bring it on all or nothing
3. Would you ever go on stage
Maybe for like telling jokes and stuff
No I`d prefer to make some wild costumes
4. How many of your friends think your random
1 or 2 of them
most of them
all of them
5. Whats your fave flavours of ice cream
every flavour i love
choc strawberry mint white choc banana vanila
strawberrry vanilla choc
6. whats your fave kind of shoes
cute flats
high heels
colourful sneakers
7. what role do you have in school
Drama Queen
Class Clown
8. Will you rate or comment
None I hated this quiz
Both this quizz rocked ma socks in a tumble dryer

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Times Taken:5,372
Created on:10/21/2009 6:59:06 AM
Made by:missykaylzey

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