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Should you live or die?
The title should explain this. (e)

1. What do you veiw people as?
They are perfect beings and they are all nice. (me: COME OUT OF YOUR FANTASY WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
They suck plain and simple.
They are O.K. I guess I don`t really care.
They aren`t the best but they are better when there are alot to talk to.
2. What kind of music do you listen to?
Rock all kinds.
Rap you know me and my homies and I be chillin. (me: Freak)
Metal (slipknot, disturbed, korn, slayer, and bands like that)
none of the above all of them suck.
3. Are you popular?
Yes every one adores me
no I have a small group of friends that I hang out with that rarely ever expands.
no i am in a corner for the most part talk to people here and there but thats it.
does the wall count? (me: OMG YES! THATS LIKE MY BEST FRIEND EVER!!!!!)
Only god.
Well that only counts if alot of peopleknow me that i don`t know but talk to anyway.
4. Whats your religion?
Science (evolution)
none of the above (me: THEN WHAT COULD YOU BE!)
H aven`t decided
5. Okay if someone came up to you and insulted you you would...
Hit that mofo in the face
tell my friends and have them take care of it
brush it off
insult them back
challenge them to a fight and see what they do
Tell them god loves them no matter what they do
6. Okay no matter what you did they didn`t learn their lesson and came back and hit you. You would...
kill that mofo
Sit there and take while praying for yours and his soul
hit him and go from there
have my friends finish him
completely disable that person and make an example out of him
no body would hit me
7. Okay are you gay
I`m a guy and yes
I`m a girl and it`s lesbian
I`m bisexual and a guy
I`m a girl and bisexual
8. This is the last question. Are you happy all the time?
not really
why do you want to know
yes because god loves me
9. Okay did saying last question and then having another annnoy you?
Yes you B***
no it was funny
Yes but god will forgive you
it dosen`t matter the quiz will end when it ends
10. Okay one more RP you are walking down the street and someone pulls a gun on you. You...
Stand there tell him pull it if he is going to.
cower in fear
beg him not to kill you, you didn`t do anything wrong
try to get the gun away from him and kill him.
No one would pull a gun on me I`m to popular
Let god decide
depends on the situation. You know who it is, where we are, what gun it is, all that stuff.
keep walking
11. Okay last question for real rate, comment, or both. ( does not affect)
12. I lied the last question did affect your out come
You B****
Okay I don`t care
I `m changing my answer
that doesn`t matter (starts shivering, freaks out and runs away)

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Created on:2/28/2008 9:07:10 PM
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