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Should I keep making quizes  quiz. I mean I       m gonna keep doing it it       s just a question of whether I should Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Should I keep making quizes?
I mean I’m gonna keep doing it it’s just a question of whether I should.

1. How did you find this quiz?
You sent it to me.
It’s in the most popular.
I searched something and clicked something random.
I took another quiz of yours.
2. Did you take my other quizzes?
Yes, I liked them.
Yes, but they... need improvement.
No, but I will.
3. How would you rate my other quizzes?(5=best)
Never taken them.
4. Question for those who haven`t taken my quizzes: Would you like to?
After this quiz.
Maybe later.
I have taken your quizzes.
5. Don`t forget to post your answer in the comments. (this won`t affect the answer)
No thanks.

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Times Taken:360
Created on:2/21/2019 8:04:17 AM
Made by:TinyDoggo

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