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Should you get Fish?
See if you would make a good freshwater fish owner!

1. A friend gives you a 1/2 gallon jar for your birthday. What fish do you buy for the jar?
Betta fish. They`re hardy and can live there for quite a while!
No fish, they can`t live there!
A goldfish. Duh!
Some snails and a shrimp!
Killifish. They are from places like that.
A danio would be cool, or a plecostomus.
Maybe just a plant...
2. Your beloved fish jumps out. What is your first reaction?
Grab it with my bare hands and put it back in.
Wet my hands and gently pick it up.
After I replace it in the tank, I get a hood.
Flush it! Ewwwww, I won`t touch it!
Um, I`m not touching that. It will be dead in a few minutes.
3. You have a new betta. What do you feed it?
Flakes will work, won`t they?
Betta Bites/Betta bioGold
FD Worms and Brine Shrimp
Frozen worms and brine shrimp once a week and betta food
Mosquito larvae, when I can!
Everything under the sun!
Roots, fruits, and veggies.
4. OMG! Your guppy started giving birth! What do you do?
I though fish layed eggs?
I`ll put her in the breeder box, and let her do her thing.
Get lots of plants and make a sponge filter. The fry can hide from her.
5. Real plants or Fake plants?
Real, They control nirtates!
Real. They are so much prettier.
Fake. Real plants are impossible to grow!
Fake are cheaper `round here.
Plants? They have underwater plants?
I don`t need plants, I want to do a lake Tanganyika biotope.
6. How often will you do a partial water change?
Once a week or so.
Whenever I can, which isn`t very often.
Once or twice a week!
Water change? Whats that?
Once a month....
Bowls don`t need changing, do they?
I`ll get a goldfish so i don`t have to.
7. How many times will you feed your fish a day?
1-2 times a day
2-3 times a day, just a little each time
Four very small feedings
1 time a week, that`s what Petco said!
Fish need to be fed?
Every single time I see my fish! So probably 10-20 times a day!
8. How big should your first tank be?
As big as I can afford and fit in my home!
A ten gallon? Best to start small.
A bowl!
Something medium, like a 20-30 galllon!
9. Your fish dies. How do you dispose of the body?
It caught me of track! I`ll stick it in the freezer for now.
Bury it ;(
Flush it. Just a fish, right?
Let it rot.
10. How many neon tetras will you get, should you get them?
One or Two
Four or so
Six to eight
As many as possible!
What are those?
11. How many articles have you read?
All of them! And, I`m on five fish forums!!!!
I talked to the pet shop people...
One or two
More than five but not that many.
Ten plus articles.
12. Where will you get the fish?
Petco or Petsmart....
The local mom and pop shop
The local breeder
my friend

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