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Which job should you have for the dragon   read intro  quiz. Pretend that you and   friends found a dragon egg  When it hatch  you found a baby dragon  You each were given a job to work together to help the dragon servive  such as the soarer  flies it   the fighter  fights enemies   the care giver  heels its wounds   and the creator  makes weapons      e Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Which job should you have for the dragon? (read intro)
Pretend that you and 3 friends found a dragon egg. When it hatch, you found a baby dragon. You each were given a job to work together to help the dragon servive, such as the soarer (flies it), the fighter (fights enemies), the care-giver (heels its wounds), and the creator (makes weapons). (e)

1. Did you read the intro? (doesn`t effect outcome)
Woops... no. I`ll do that right now!
No and I`m not going to! (me: to understand what`s going on you must read the intro!)
Yes I did! (me: thank you for reading the title fully!)
2. Are you physically strong?
Not really
3. Are you inventive and creative?
Yes I always think of something to make that`s unique.
I guess I`m OK.
No I have no creative ideas.
4. Would you be good as an elf for Santa Claus?
Yes I`m great at using hammers, nails, and stuff like that.
I would be OK but I wouldn`t be the head elf or president or anything like that.
No I wouldn`t make it into the elf team.
5. When something is broken in the house does your family get you to fix it or someone else?
I am the one to fix it, yes.
Once in a while, maybe.
Never, not that I know of.
6. Are you, by any chance, a surgeon or a doctor or a nurse or someone like that?
Yes I help peoples` health.
Not yet but I want to.
Umm... I`m don`t really do that... or want to...
7. Are you comfortable to be around with?
Yes lots of people think I`m pleasant to be around with.
Sure it`s not like I`m hated by anyone but I`m not super loved.
All people hate me.
8. Do you know a lot about first aid?
Yes whenever someone gets a cut I`m the first to jump up and help.
I know a fair amount but I`m not an expert.
I know nothing.
9. How well do you think you know survival tips (like finding shelter, food, and water)?
I could survive in the woods.
I know some things.
Don`t know a thing.
10. Are you afraid to see blood?
Not at all.
It sort-of disgusts me.
11. Did you have sword fights with sticks when you were little?
Yeah... those were the good times.
Yes and I still do!
Once in a while but sometimes I`m afraid I`ll get hurt with the stick.
No I have never done that.
12. Are you afraid of monsters?
AHH!! It`s a monster! (yes I`m afraid)
I wouldn`t open my closet if I heard noises from it but I`m not terrified of monsters...
I`m not afraid of them at all. I could fight them if I wanted to.
13. Do you have good balance?
Pretty much.
Sort-of... maybe.
No way...
14. Do you mind the cold or wind?
No, not really.
Yes I do.
15. Are you afraid of hights?
Not at all I think it`s fun to be up high! :)
Not really but I don`t think it`s THAT fun to be high up.
I don`t like to be high up... it scares me.
16. Which of these is your favorite animal and why? (P.S. Please Comment!)
Chimpanzee: They are so smart!
A bird: They fly so beautifully!
A tiger: So strong...
A bunny: Helpful, peaceful, nice...
I don`t like any of these.

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