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What should you be in Warriors  quiz. Would you make a wise leader  great deputy  talented medicine cat  or strong warrior  Take this quiz and see what rank you would be Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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What should you be in Warriors?
Would you make a wise leader, great deputy, talented medicine cat, or strong warrior? Take this quiz and see what rank you would be!

1. Your teacher says that you`re going to do a group project and puts you in a group with people you don`t even know. What do you do?
Immediatly take charge and hope they follow you.
Wait until they pick a boss, and silently hope it will be you.
Try to listen to everyone, and bring everyone`s ideas together so no one gets upset.
Don`t really say anything. You wonder what you`re having for dinner . . .
2. Which name do you get called most often?
Unfocused or dumb.
3. Pick a job! Quickly!
Vice President.
4. You just found out that your class is going to elect a class president! You . . .
Must be elected!
Might run. Maybe.
Election? You? No way!
Who? What? Where? Why? You were too busy thumb wrestling with your friends to even hear.
5. Your school is putting on a play, and your teacher says you HAVE to participate. You
Are definently going to get the lead!
Might want to be a co-star.
Would like to work behind the scenes with the cotumes or scenery.
Don`t want to be in a play! Maybe you can get a job raising the curtain or something.
6. Your parents say you have to do some after school activity. You choose
Student council.
Junior Optimist Club.
Science or Cooking Club.
Wrestling or Karate.

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Created on:11/11/2008 5:13:47 PM
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