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should you be a youtuber?
Thinking about being a youtuber? Take this test to see if you really should be one.

1. What`s the point about having a channel?
Cause its fun?
Because you get popular that way!
Because you can get friends.
Because you and your viewers can have fun!
2. Do you have stage fright? (do you have stage phobias?)
3. Do you have siblings?
4. Do you have a camera and a tri-pod?
5. Do you play interesting games?
No not too many.
6. What do you like to do?
Be a comedian.
Sit at home.
Act in plays.
play games.
Use consoles. (Xbox,Ps 1,2,3 etc.)
Play around with photoshop.
7. Does your channel HAVE to be your full name?
No, You can make up a new name that no one`s heard before!
Yes. Or else no one will know who you are.
8. How would you feel making videos?
I would feel weird, because i talk to a camera.
I would feel grateful that i`m making videos for kids who get bored.
I would have fun making videos for both the young, and the elderly.
I dont wanna face a crowd. Or a camera.
I`d be the victim with no subscribers.
9. What does "subs" mean?
Super Uber Buff Subs

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