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Shadow Times quiz. Frirst story important to comment wat you think hope ya like Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Shadow Times
Frirst story important to comment wat you think hope ya like

1. Bodies,bodies everywhere, screams of the dieing,fire and blood was all that could be seen only one was there that watch everyone she cared about be killed stood frighted to one spot.
eww dead bodies
2. While the girl just stood their her sister was in a tough battle with the one who killed their family though only seven she was able to match most of his attacks but was soon knocked out.
go on
3. The mysterious murder then walked away as if nothing had happened and drove his sword throw the young swords girl.
that guys cruel
okay O_o
4. `AAAHHH!!!!`Chris screamed as she bolted up from her nightmare of the past.Stella soon came in with a worried look on her face,`are you ok?`she asked
of course not idiot
yea i`m fine thx anyway
5. `Ok if ya need me I`ll be across the hall`and then she left,I soon fell back asleep little did I know was that I was being watch by my new best friend or worst enemy.
wats gonna happen
6. *pulls out gun* rate and comment and yes both are REALLY important
um ok*backs away slowly*
no*gets shat in head*

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