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Shadow Times Ch 6: The Cruel World of Life
I will time skip after this part

1. I slowly turned around and wat I saw broke my heart there laying on the ground was Benny....dead
2. `GRR You!` I said as I turned to Blade `TRAIN!` He looked at me confused so I continued `Because the next time we meet I WILL KILL YOU!` They seemed to understand the situation and left as I pulled out my sword
3. As soon as they were gone I broke down Benny was always there for me when I needed him he was like my little brother and now...and now he`s gone `WHY!` I screamed and then blacked out
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4. *Shade Pov**No*I thought*No I will not do this anymore I hate killing for selfish reasons* as soon as we made camp I got Nate and we left to find my sister and her group (me:heres Nate)
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5. *back to normal*When I woke up everyone was surronding an area with a green katana sticking into the ground and I knew that that was Benny`s grave soon it started raining didn`t surprise me tho cuz Benny had a connection with nature
thats so sad
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6. I got up and started heading towards eveyone but then I felt two auras close by I turned around and saw...
7. Shade and some kid `Wat do you want` I growled at them `We want to be part of the Freedom Fighters` I was shocked but at this point I didn`t care wat they did `Do wat you want just don`t try anything` `Fine by us` and soon sleep overcame us
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8. Plz comment or your goin to get a katana threw you

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