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Shadow Times Ch 4 Wild Instincts
Here we go!!! Plz plz plz rate and comment

1. `HE`S HERE EVERYONE DUCK NOW!`Kento yelled so we all did wat he told us as poisoned daggers flew over us
close one
2. `Heh nice Kento but I need to get rid of you now`said a tall sinister looking guy `I am SO not going down without a fight`Kento yelled with all his might Fine I think its time to make you suffer now` and then they started fighting
um how do they know each other
ok then
3. Soon after the fight started Kento started loosing and he was turning back to normal, then the big guy named Blade stabed Kento in the arm with a knife and I found myself attacking Blade but not as a human
not as a human?
4. As I was biting and clawing the guy a girl who looked like my sister turned into a wolf like me and we started fighting, and Stella was healing Kento
I know who that girl is
you can turn into a wolf
5. Soon we were all too tired to fight anymore but the truth was finally going to come out...
6. A bright light flashed and a guy that seemed familiar was standing before us but the girl was to busy glaring at me`Shade you shouldn`t do that` the guy said`Why not Master Ramu?`the girl named Shade asked `Because....`
Because wat
wat wat wat?
7. *Cliffy*Sry but ya got to read the next one to find out *Plz rate and comment*
NO FAIR!!!!!!!>:(
and it was just getting good

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