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Shadow Times Ch   The Truth Uncovered quiz. Yay here comes the probably obvious mystery anyway plz comment after this Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Shadow Times Ch 5 The Truth Uncovered
Yay here comes the probably obvious mystery anyway plz comment after this

1. `Because...` Ramu said,`She is you twin sister!` I couldn`t breath, that couldn`t be true I saw my sister killed I mean this girl did look alot like her but...
*to shocked to speak*
I knew it^_^(me:yea I knew someone would figure it out)
2. `Tell me,is your real name Christy?`Shade asked me `Yea, and is your real name Sasha?`I asked her back `....Yes` I was trying not to cry after all these years I finally find my sister and she`s my enemy
o boo hoo (me:Hey she was like 7 when she saw her famally killed)
3. I didn`t know wat to do so I did the first thing that popped up in my head I turned into my wolf form and ran as fast as I could
chicken (me:thats it get out NOW)
I probably would have done the same thing
4. As soon as I couldn`t run anymore I waited for my team to arrive as soon as they did Kento told Stella to heal my wounds because Shade and them were coming
why are they still coming
wat are they after
5. Too bad for us that Stella didn`t finish in time cuz we were cought up in another fight me *wolf*-Shade*wolf* , Kento and Benny-Blade, and Stella-Ramu
6. But soon we all heard a scream we were all surrprised exept Kento and Blade and I knew who scream that it came from and I knew I would regret turning around...
who was it
7. *Cliffy* Plz leave your guess on who screamed in your comments and the new character you want in here

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