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Shadow Times Ch   Shaded Future quiz. I d like to thank iamghost for the chapters name  This is when they leave the village to start their quest Make a quiz or personality test and send it to your friends! Quiz Search:
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Shadow Times Ch 3 Shaded Future
I'd like to thank iamghost for the chapters name. This is when they leave the village to start their quest.

1. After we said goodbye to Princess Sora we went on our way but soon Stella started complaining about being tired and Benny said he had to go.
cry babies
tell them to shut up
2. `HEY GUYS WE`RE HERE!` Benny shouted `WE`RE GIRLS NOT GUYS!!` Stella shouted back `Like it matters come on we have to get some supplies from this village.` I said as I ran past them
yea like it matters
loud mouthes
3. As we were heading twords the village a knife landed right in front of us and I saw a boy sitting in a tree from the dirrection it came from.
who is that
loser alert
4. `Are you a rebel team?`he asked `Yea`is all I said `cool,`he said and jumped down`then lets go` `Wat?`Benny questioned "I`m now part of the team so lets go` I shrugged and continued tword the village looking at the blue moon
blue moon cool
hey shouldn`t he ask if he can join
5. After we arrived we got the supplise and rented a room at the inn as we all feel asleep something told me bad thing were about to happen, when I feel asleep thoose same eyes watched me
the stalker again
wat kind of bad things
6. Rate and comment cuz both are important choose carefully
no *I stab you threw the heart

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